Over New Year’s I decided to make a small batch of fused glass jewelry. My inventory is a little sparse in that area, and it wasn’t like I was going anywhere, right? Unfortunately the whole batch came out bad, with ugly yellowing around all the little fine silver bails that I had painstakingly made.

Ugh. I had to find out what was going wrong, because I have existing pieces that are crystal clear. Turns out I have three different types of thin fusible glass – all made by the same manufacturer. Crystal Clear, Ice, and Standard. I think when I bought them I figured I would try all three, they can’t be that different. But they are!

Time to do a thorough test. The Test: Create three identical sets of “Mystical” glass (blues & purples with dichroic sparkles), then fuse three sets of pendants and earrings. All prepped and cleaned at the same time, all fired at the same time.

I was very careful to label everything, and I drew a diagram on my test sheet of how they were laid out on the kiln shelf.

Test results:

There’s an obvious winner on the far left – the Crystal Clear. See how clearly you can see the silver swirlygig in the glass? The other two had that ugly hazy yellow, where the silver reacted to the glass. Yay! Now I know to ditch the other two clears and order more of the winner.