Last weekend was my first craft show in two years!

I took a chance this year and signed up for three Fall shows. Last weekend’s show is one I’ve been doing for 7-8 years, one of those lovely affairs where I am invited back every year for the same spot and I just have to send them a check. Of course there wasn’t a show last year, so I was happy that they took a chance too.

The weekend was glorious – I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Everyone seemed really happy to be outside and buying. (And they bought! *grins*)

Setup and takedown can be a chore, but I enjoy meeting people and sharing my work with them. It’s always fun to see someone do a double-take and say, “Is that a spoon?” Then I blow their minds more by showing them the belt buckles, pill boxes, and other weird things I turn into jewelry. It’s also fun when people walk into my booth wearing one of my pieces, and they’re there to buy some more.

In the Beforetimes, I would try and schedule at least one or two shows a month from September to early December; no more than that, since I work full-time. (Monday was a Second Pot of Coffee and Two Aleve day, let me tell you!) But once November rolls around, the shows move indoors, and I’m not quite ready for that. Hopefully next year!

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